In 2007/08 the Canterbury School of Architecture's Graduate Diploma is initiating a series of investigations into the topic of migration and its consequences for space, urbanism and architecture. This blog provides a platform for the sharing of project research and findings throughout the study period.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Project Migration

Interesting German Program "PROJECT MIGRATION"
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Launched by the Federal Culture Foundation [Kulturstiftung des Bundes] in 2002, the Migration Project was designed to depict the societal changes that migration movements have brought about.

The Migration Project was designed as a multiple-stage process spanning several years. Rather than set out on new research approaches or artistic projects, the Migration Project serves as a clearinghouse, among other things, working to promote broader, deeper ways of perceiving the issues migration involves. To date, more than 120 events have taken place under the project’s auspices, events such as in-house and public workshops, film and lecture series, theatre performances and cooperative arrangements with media, scholarly research with film and art projects, and an international symposium for scholars. Illustrating and underscoring the causes and implications of migration in a variety of ways, these activities have taken place at the K├Âlnischer Kunstverein in Cologne, as well as in Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Belgrade and Istanbul, on Crete and in other locations throughout Europe.

In autumn 2005 the results of two and one-half years’ work in research, development and networking will be brought together in a major, transdisciplinary exhibition. The exhibition will be on display at the K├Âlnischer Kunstverein and at other locations in the Cologne city center.

Partners for the Migration Project have taken it upon themselves to develop a new kind of format, one that is neither an art exhibition devoted to a particular theme nor an exclusively socio- and cultural-historical documentary exhibit.

Rather, the object is to establish a linkage between the social-scientific, documentary and artistic findings and their various forms of presentation.

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